Lending, Reimagined

While we’ve all grown accustomed to hearing about the economic recovery and the cost of capital being at an all-time low, the reality is that lending remains constrained. Consumers’ access to credit is still fragmented and banks are unable to adapt to this rapidly evolving landscape. Satisfaction with traditional forms of financing remains abysmal, with just 3 percent of consumers reporting they would recommend their bank to a friend.


In the last 24 months alone, a slew of new upstarts offering various degrees of sophistication and investor capital have emerged, claiming to address these issues. However, there is still no transformative technology platform – let alone one backed by a world-class sponsor – that can offer a faster, fairer, lower-friction lending experience for entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers.

Until now.

My co-founder Nick and I have spent our careers looking at fragmented industries with complacent technology that fail to meet consumers’ needs. Nick has spent more than 30 years creating innovative scalable business platforms in the US and Europe. I led the development of a global prepaid operating system and payment network to address the underbanked, which became American Express Serve and Bluebird by Walmart. Now, we’ve turned our attention to lending, an industry that currently screams fragmentation and archaic technology.

We’ve seen our platform revolutionize residential rental financing – originating more than $1B of loan volume in the first year alone with zero delinquencies, while also facilitating the industry’s first-ever multi-borrower securitization. We’re confident this technology can be used to disintermediate how lending is done across multiple industry verticals, including consumer installment, durable goods and small business lending. Our ultimate goal is to combine our access to institutional funding and our knowledge of the capital markets to empower innovative origination engines across the lending landscape to the benefit of entrepreneurs, businesses and consumers.

Our modular architecture enables partners to leverage all or parts of the platform. By leveraging any part of the entire platform, from our proprietary Origination Engine, to Waterfall Decisioning Capabilities, Servicing and Processing, Balance Sheet Management, and Capital Markets Access, we seek to create the bridge that connects Wall Street to the cutting edge fintech community.

Bottom line: we won’t stop until we create a superior customer and transactional experience. Sound ambitious? It is, and that’s why it’s worth doing.

Jason Hogg and Nick Gould,
Co-Founders, Lending.com

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